A Kiss and a Promise from the Virgin Mary at Garabandal

We are pleased to advise that we have obtained a limited supply of Five and One Decade Rosaries with a relic medal of Garabandal attached. These rosaries are individually handmade in Australia and each medal contains a genuine piece of the Missal kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal. Our Lady would fan the pages as she kissed the Missals, thereby kissing all the pages.

An actual piece of the Missal kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel is in this medal. It carries the same promise as any other objects kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal.   These medals not only have the special distinction of Our Lady’s kiss but a special grace was attached to them. Our Lady said: “By means of this kiss, my son will perform miracles and prodigies.”

Estimated costs in providing these rosaries is a donation to help cover the costs of supply, distribution and postage. The Five Decade Rosary Relic is available upon request.   May God bless you abundantly for your generous donation which will help our Apostolate to spread the Message of Garabandal and distribute the Kiss of the Virgin Mary worldwide. 

Rosaries – Costs plus $10 Postage:

  • 5 Decade Rosaries – $40 each
  • 1 Decade Rosaries – $25 each


Please send cheque, money order, credit card or EFT details plus full name and address to:

The National Garabandal Centre
P.O Box 202
Ferny Hills  QLD 4055  Australia

ANZ Bank
BSB: 014 203
Account: 362844411